The Role of a Funeral Director

The Role of a Funeral Director

In short, your funeral director helps you and your family to cope. With experience, they reduce the burdens that come with making funeral preparations. With compassion, they give you and your family the support and guidance they would give their own. With kindness, they bring warmth to an experience that can at times be so cold.

Very few people realise the extent of the role that a funeral director takes. They embrace enormous responsibility when trusted by a family to make funeral arrangements.

At a time of loss

The first duty of your funeral director is to ensure the well-being of you, your family and closest of friends. They provide a central point of support, where questions and concerns can be expressed without fear of any judgement.

Your funeral director will make arrangements to take your loved one into their care. A discreet vehicle is used to transfer your loved one, once all legislative requirements have been met.

Preparing for the funeral

Arranging a funeral requires great coordination, experience and contacts. Your funeral director will simplify the process, spending one-on-one time with you and your family to plan the funeral service. They will take the time to learn more about your loved one, their wishes and of course the wishes of you and your family.

During the funeral

On the day, your funeral director will have finalised all of the necessary arrangements, and prepared a schedule for the funeral service. Your funeral director will be there to manage the funeral from beginning to end. But the most important role they have that day is to be there for you and your family.

Your funeral director will have a team of dedicated assistants to help comfort guests. They will direct guests to their seats, assist with any questions or requests, and help them leave the venue. Having an arm to hold is a priceless gesture you can offer those in attendance.

After the funeral

Your funeral director’s role does not end at the conclusion of the funeral service. They are there for you and your closest at any time to offer emotional support, guidance and advice. You can call or visit your funeral director at any time.

Greif Assistance

It takes a special kind of person to be there for families in a time of such need. The emotions involved with losing a loved one can take form in many different ways. Some people find themselves angry or disagreeable, others recluse or flounder aimlessly in shock. Some people seem completely collected on the outside, but inside find themselves in emotional turmoil. A funeral director is gifted with an innate ability to interpret these emotions. They listen, observe and empathise – bringing some level of comfort to grieving individuals. Funeral directors cannot take away the pain, but they are an important part of the grief process.

At a time of preparation

Funeral directors are important in making funeral arrangements for the future. Planning ahead can involve planning a funeral in advance, paying for a funeral in advance (lump sum or payment plan) or taking out funeral insurance. Any form of planning ahead is known as a pre-arrangement.

Pre-arrangements offer an unmatched peace-of-mind. Find out more about planning ahead here.

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