Funeral Prices

Funeral Prices

Any funeral director in Australia will tell you that the most common question they receive is “how much does a funeral cost?”. The answer is almost always “it varies”. So why is the answer to this question often unclear? And why is there so much conflicting information out there on funeral prices?

The main reason funeral costs are so unclear in Australia is because they vary greatly, depending on the service type, funeral director and location. The first factor that will impact price is whether a burial or cremation service is required. Burials will generally come at a higher price, because the land (or “plot”) must be purchased. A cremation service is often more affordable, as crematorium fees will be lower than buying a burial plot in a cemetery.

Secondly, different funeral directors will charge different fees. When you receive your pricing information, you will find that there are fees charged by the funeral director for services to be performed by funeral care staff. These can include professional fees, mortuary fees, transfer and document lodgement fees. Of course not every funeral director will charge for these items, or may not itemise them in such a fashion. There is no standard, which is why it can

While you may be seeking funeral prices in Brisbane, or Sydney, the cost of the same funeral in a neighbouring state can be entirely different.

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