Pre-Arranged Funerals

Pre-Arranged Funerals

Pre-arranging a funeral offers you and your family peace of mind. A pre-arranged funeral is similar to a pre-paid funeral, in that the funeral service is planned in full. Those closest to you will know your wishes and your funeral director will create the funeral service you want.

Your funeral director will spend time with you to discuss the options available. You will be able to make a note of your preferences. You will select the funeral location, cremation or burial service, coffin or casket style, floral arrangements, music and the guests that you would like to attend. A summary of your preferences will be kept by the funeral director in the form of a Pre-Arranged Funeral. A copy of this summary will be made available to you, and anyone that holds a copy of your will.

A pre-arranged funeral is not protected against inflation, unless it is paid for in full, in which case it would become a pre-paid funeral.

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